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In November 2014 Flexstone was finally granted full CCMC approvals for applications on sundecks, flat roofs, and any other surface over living space. This helps customers to rest assured that Flexstone is reliable and durable enough to cope with Canada's often harsh weather. Beyond the peace of mind the approvals bring, it also opens up a market in the new construction field.

Major projects constructed across Canada are generally comprised of CCMC approved products. From the lumber to the concrete to the siding, products must have the government stamp of approval. Up until Flexstone received their approval number, the only membranes approved for use on sundecks were vinyl and the flame applied torch-on method. Both methods have some glaring flaws that are eliminated with our product.

Both torch-on and vinyl have exposed seams. These are prone to breakage and are the most common cause of leaks among these types of membranes. This is the last thing builders need on a new construction project. Flexstone is a uniform liquid applied coating that is 100% seamless (which also adds aesthetic value). In addition to this, the use of torch-on for residential sundecks is not only time consuming and labour intensive, it is also dangerous. Open flame applications are accompanied by huge insurance costs which are passed down from the contractors to the customers.

Today more and more building envelope engineers and architects are specifying Flexstone for their projects' sundecks and flat roofs which is opening up a great deal of opportunities for Flexstone dealers.

Our valued dealers are now submitting quotations for large multi-family, commercial, or industrial projects with our shiny new stamp of approvals. Clients and builders finally have an alternative to the antiquated waterproofing methods of the past for new construction projects. Easier labour, a more than reasonable price point, unrivaled reliability, eco-friendliness, and a superior appearance are helping put Flexstone coatings on the map.

Flexstone comes in a variety of different colours and finish types. So whether you are creating your dream garage or coating an entire.





For more information on Flexstone and the quotation or specification process, please contact us so we can help answer any questions.

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