Please explore the advantages of adopting Flexstone Ontario Urethane Coatings into your product catalogue. For more information, navigate to the "Contact Us" tab below and fire away.

It is worth considering capitalizing on this opportunity, as there are a limited number of regions in which representation is needed. You have nothing to lose, but the potential to transform your business is at your fingertips. Please contact us to find out if your area is available.

Advantages to being a Flexstone Ontario Urethane Dealer:
Customized Marketing Materials We provide all dealers with customized flyers and slideshows. For select dealers demonstrating pro-activity, we can also provide free advertising in your target area.
Wholesale Pricing Our competitive pricing allows you, as a dealer, to supply and install the product at a rate that is competitive with inferior methods.
More options for your customers We don't ask our dealers to drop anything out of their current product line. We only ask that you offer your clients Flexstone Ontario as an alternative.
Leads in your target area Proactive and reputable dealers will be provided with leads in their target areas.
Open new markets With Flexstone Ontario you can work all year round. The product line is an excellent option for industrial & commercial flooring, garage floors, parkades, and many other interior applications.
Easy sell Once clients see samples of our product and are educated on the many advantages of seamless liquid coatings, the choice becomes clear for most.
High margins With our competitive pricing, you as a dealer are able to exceed your margins and lower your labour costs with the installation of Flexstone Ontario.

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